Committed to helping make the lives of persons with developmental disabilities happier, healthier and more fulfilling
               O'Berry Center Foundation   
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O'Berry Neuro Medical Treatment Center (OBNMTC) is a Medicaid-certified facility for those with developmental disabilities. They treat approximately 290 clients from 67 counties in the eastern and south-central regions of North Carolina. The average age of those we serve is over 50. Most have significant health-related challenges.

OBNMTC is one of the largest employers in Wayne County. Of our staff of 1,000, over 750 provide direct, hands-on care. We employ certified nursing assistants, physicians, nurses, psychologists, occupational and physical therapists, speech therapists, recreation therapists, dentists and dieticians.

Through the years, many beautiful parks and gardens have been added throughout the campus. In addition to casual use, a full calendar of outdoor activities and events help everyone enjoy these lovely spaces. Visitors at O’Berry are quickly struck that this friendly campus does not resemble a state institution.

Our Changing Role

The O’Berry Center opened in 1957 as a school for African-Americans with developmental disabilities. The facility was integrated in 1965. The treatment philosophy then was limited to academic/vocational training for the mildly retarded.

Over the years, O’Berry transitioned from a school to a regional center focused primarily on serving adults with severe and profound mental retardation. The emphasis shifted to basic skills training in areas such as self-care, home living and work programs.

Our teachers and vocational staff have developed over 159 on-campus jobs that are meaningful work for the individuals who work here. The vocational program is composed of products and crafts sold at our store, Berry Towne Crafts; our bakery, Sweet Treats; and our greenhouse, Green Thumb.

With more of our individuals needing intensive medical care, we are refocusing our efforts to provide medical, nursing and other services. In 2007, we changed our name to the O’Berry Neuro-Medical Treatment Center.

Our admissions now focus on individuals who are either elderly or medically fragile, as well as having a developmental disability. Challenging behavior treatment needs may be included for admission consideration. Younger individuals who have developmental disabilities along with challenging behaviors and no significant medical conditions will be referred to the Caswell or Murdoch Developmental Centers.


The O’Berry Neuro-Medical Treatment Center is certified by the U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services for both the ICF/MR Program and the Long Term Care Specialty Program (i.e., neuro-medical treatment).


The O'Berry Center Foundation was started in 1990 by O'Berry Center Staff and families of persons living at O'Berry Center. The founders of the Foundation saw a need to help impact the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities in communities across North Carolina, not just at O'Berry Center. Although they bear the same name and are close partners in improving the lives of the developmentally disabled, they are two completely separate entities. The Foundation receives no state or federal funding at this time.

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