Committed to helping make the lives of persons with developmental disabilities happier, healthier and more fulfilling.

The O'Berry Center Foundation was founded in 1990 by individuals affiliated with the O'Berry Neuro Medical Treatment Center (OBNMTC) located in Goldsboro, NC.  The OBNMTC is a state run residential facility with the purpose of serving the developmentally disabled population.  For more information specifically about OBNMTC, please click on:  O'Berry Neuro Medical Treatment Center.

Back in 1990, parents and staff of OBNMTC wanted to do more for the developmentally disabled than often what the state could provide both at OBNMTC and in the communities it served.  So they started a 501c3 nonprofit foundation known as the O'Berry Center Foundation.  Although service area and scope of programming has expanded, the mission has remained the same:  to improve the quality of life for persons with developmetnal disabilities so that they may live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

From 1990 to 2004, the Foundation was operated by an entirely volunteer board.  The board of directors at that time felt that the Foundation needed to grow to help more families, so in 2004 they hired their first ever Executive Director. 

Through determination, commitment and a shared vision, OBCF has been transformed from an uncultivated Foundation, to what we see as a best practices model nonprofit today.  Through strong leadership, accountabiliy measures, ethical values, community partnerships and financial stability, the O'Berry Center Foundation is now primed to make a significant impact throughout the 67 North Carolina Counties we serve and at O'Berry Neuro Medical Treatment Center.
               O'Berry Center Foundation   
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